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Dave Searle

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Dave Searle -- The Negotiator

I'm the kind of person who checks the per-ounce price of every item at the grocery store. I monitor online groups about my next vacation destination to get the inside scoop from the locals. On pizza night, I calculate the volume of each pie size and scour the internet for promo codes before placing my order. When I buy a new bike, I'll research every option for months until I find the perfect combination of specs and aesthetics. 

I'm happy to pay good money for high quality stuff, I just won't pay a penny more than it takes to get it. And I don't settle for good enough just because it's easy. I'll go to the end of the earth and turn over every rock until I'm satisfied I have found the best. 

That's what I love about being a mortgage broker. It's fun for me to shop mortgages around to over a hundred lenders and sift through every unique program and incentive. I do the research on which lenders go above and beyond to close gracefully and on time. Doing so ensures that I'm providing the cream of the crop to my clients, with lower rates and fees than they would typically have access to elsewhere. 

That's what I would do for myself, and it feels good to be able to do that for you. Feel confident that I'll find the perfect loan for your perfect home. 

I live in Westfield, IN with my wife, son, and daughter. I'm an avid cyclist and might bike to our next meeting. I follow the Indiana Pacers very closely and also keep an eye on the Colts. I spent my twenties as a tour manager in the music industry, and my thirties in marketing. I've traveled to all the lower 48 states several times over and 18 different countries. I enjoy cooking (especially with my daughter), video games (especially with my son), and movies (especially with my wife).